COVID-19 Testing Updates

We are thrilled that more students in our district are being given the opportunity to return to the classroom, but we also know that more families may have to undergo a COVID-19 evaluation to get back to the classroom after a minor illness.  We have come a very long way since last March when turn

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AAP Guidance on COVID-19 in Educational Settings

Educational Settings & COVID-19: Commonly Asked Questions  Am I going to get COVID-19 by teaching in the classroom?  Research has shown that teachers and staff do not have significantly increased risks compared to other  occupations. In schools, the biggest risk is adult-to-adult spread when mitigation is not being followed,  such as eating/meeting close together without

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School Reopening

More and more students in our area are being given the chance to return to in-person learning, and it has been a long and weary time since last March for many of you.  Some families are still feeling uncertain about what this means, and what is being done to protect students and staff returning to

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PAC Providers Receive the COVID Vaccine

This holiday season, our providers received the best present that we could have asked for.  Just before Christmas, we were offered our first dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.  For many of us, there were big emotions that bubbled up in a teary release of all that we have pushed down in order to care

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The Gift of Food Security

Of course you have heard us talk about how healthy food is so important for your child’s growth and development.  However, many people are unaware of the lifelong mental and physical health problems that can result from not being able to count on meals on the table.  As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver

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This year has brought so many new challenges for all of us.  Gratitude is a powerful tool for resiliency, and we wanted to take the time to recount some of the many things that this year has helped us to appreciate even more. The honor of being able to face new stresses alongside your family. 

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