Gun Violence Awareness Day

Our hearts are so broken over the shooting in Uvalde, Texas when we were still mourning what happened in Buffalo.  As pediatricians, we advocate for so many important things to keep your children healthy and happy.  It is horrifying that firearm injury is now the leading cause of death in American children.  We wore orange on gun

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

The last few years have led to a surge in children and adolescents suffering from mental health crises, and further attention to the vital job we have in supporting our loved ones.  As caregivers, you can play a critical role in monitoring for warning signs and reaching out for help if you note concerns.  Some

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Navigating the Formula Shortage

As the ongoing formula shortage affects more and more of our patients, many of you have reached out with questions.  First, please know that if your family is experiencing strain related to the formula shortage your provider needs to know.  We have seen many families dilute formula to try to stretch their limited supplies.  Especially

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We Love Reach Out and Read!

Pediatric Associates started our own Reach out and Read Chapter in 2016. Thanks to generous donors in our community we have been able to provide new developmentally appropriate books at each well visit from ages 6 months to 5 years of age at all of our offices.  Reach Out and Read is a nonprofit national

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Taking Care of Each Other

There have been so many changes in guidelines and policies just as the transmission of COVID is incomparable to anything we have seen throughout the pandemic, it is easy to look at it all with a weary heart and not know what to think anymore.  The toll that the stress and uncertainty these last few years has brought

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Link to Order Free COVID Antigen Tests

It is very simple to order 4 free COVID tests for your household using the link below!  These tests depend on viral load levels to detect virus, so it is possible to have COVID and test negative.  However, a positive test that you can perform at home if a family member is sick can be

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