Flu Vaccine Appointments!

Flu vaccine is more important than ever in 2020!  We want to protect your child from every possible illness at any time, but especially when getting sick means having to consider the diagnosis of COVID19 and all of the stress that comes along with it.  We are working hard to safely deliver flu vaccine to

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Facing Back to School

As we move into the fall, everyone is facing new challenges.  Your child may be getting ready to start distance learning for the fall, or you are navigating keeping your child safe in a daycare center or school open for live instruction.  Even families of new babies hoping to nurture their developing minds are finding

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Testing for Coronavirus

Dear friends and families, As the pandemic drags on, we wanted to remind everyone that we do collect samples for coronavirus testing on our patients at our downtown office by appointment only.  Results come back to us in as quick as 1 day, though sometimes it takes 3 to 4 days.  Should you get tested? 

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Trauma and Racism

Now, with the complete upheaval of our lives by COVID19, most families can quickly identify how trauma affects so many parts of our health and well-being.  From sleep disturbances to mental health disorders and trouble with focus and attention, it is easy to identify many of these changes in our children now.  As pediatricians, we

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Quaranteenagers: An Opportunity for Growth

     Stress during an infectious disease outbreak can cause fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones, changes in sleep or eating patterns, and worsening of mental health conditions among others.  You may feel sadness, frustration, irritation, anger, loneliness and other uncomfortable emotions. You many experience difficulty with attention and

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