PAC Providers Receive the COVID Vaccine

This holiday season, our providers received the best present that we could have asked for.  Just before Christmas, we were offered our first dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.  For many of us, there were big emotions that bubbled up in a teary release of all that we have pushed down in order to care

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The Gift of Food Security

Of course you have heard us talk about how healthy food is so important for your child’s growth and development.  However, many people are unaware of the lifelong mental and physical health problems that can result from not being able to count on meals on the table.  As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver

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This year has brought so many new challenges for all of us.  Gratitude is a powerful tool for resiliency, and we wanted to take the time to recount some of the many things that this year has helped us to appreciate even more. The honor of being able to face new stresses alongside your family. 

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A Safe Space for Everyone

Pediatric Associates of Charlottesville is happy to announce that we have completed Safe Space Training with SafeCville  This is part of our ongoing effort to welcome all patients regardless of gender, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic status, or family composition.  We strive to continue to improve upon our commitment to welcoming those in the

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Celebrating Halloween in 2020

We know that honoring celebrations can be really important for our resiliency in times of stress, but we can’t loose our dedication to protecting our families and loved ones. We are all tired, and it can feel hard to have the creative energy to rethink our traditions and make it fun for our children. Fortunately,

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Flu Vaccine Appointments!

Flu vaccine is more important than ever in 2020!  We want to protect your child from every possible illness at any time, but especially when getting sick means having to consider the diagnosis of COVID19 and all of the stress that comes along with it.  We are working hard to safely deliver flu vaccine to

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