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This year has brought so many new challenges for all of us.  Gratitude is a powerful tool for resiliency, and we wanted to take the time to recount some of the many things that this year has helped us to appreciate even more.

  • The honor of being able to face new stresses alongside your family.  We feel the weight of all that you are facing, and it is a great privilege to help work through the hardships and see your family grow through these challenging times.
  • Safely open doors from the beginning.  We are so thankful to work with a dedicated group of providers who quickly acted to change our protocols especially in the spring when testing was very limited and PPE was hard to come by.
  • Dedicated nurses and staff.  Our team has never missed a beat in their dedication to our practice.  Putting aside their own family stress, our nurses and staff have poured their energy into providing the best care to you.
  • The ability to change and grow.  None of us expected to practice medicine from the parking lot, but through the summer heat, rain and coming cold we continue to devote ourselves to doing whatever it takes to bring you safe care in these unprecedented times.  When the fatigue of COVID clinic wears on us, you are the inspiration for us to continue to push through.

It is easy to grow weary, but this year continues to show us that we are capable of far more than we ever imagined.  Seeing new babies born and your children continuing to grow and learn restores our dedication, and inspires us in all that we do.  We are thankful for all of you!

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