The Latest in Combating Germs!

School is back and the germs are too!  In addition to hand washing and staying home when you are sick, there are additional steps that we can take to stay a little healthier this coming cold and flu season. RSV PROTECTION FOR INFANTS: You have likely heard something about the development of a new product to prevent

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Donate to Reach Out and Read!

Pediatric Associates started our own Reach out and Read Chapter in 2016. Thanks to generous donors in our community we have been able to provide new developmentally appropriate books at each well visit from ages 6 months to 5 years of age at all of our offices.  Reach Out and Read is a nonprofit national

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Air Quality

Forest fires and other environmental pollutants contribute to unhealthy air quality due to small particles in the air.   These microscopic particles enter the lungs and cause health problems including asthma exacerbations and decreased oxygenation in addition to long term harm such as cancer.  Individuals with heart and lung disease, elderly individuals, as well as children

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Come On In!

We are excited to be able to improve efficiency in our office and welcome patients to check-in in person upon arrival.  We will continue to have systems in place to quickly get families back to designated exam rooms.  Additionally we have separate areas for families of newborns, as well as sick versus well waiting areas if

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Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!

May is better sleep month!  Other than for an injury, it is hard to come through our office without talking about sleep because it is critical to our health and wellbeing.  Inadequate sleep affects focus and learning, immune function, growth, and causes mood changes.  I often get asked how many hours a child should be

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The Push and Pull of Parenting

Every stage of raising children comes with its own challenges. From those bleary-eyed early days when you are so vulnerable to internet adds selling the next magical fix for infant sleep, to trying to divert the surging passion of a toddler meltdown. This month, I have often found myself struggling to find a balance between

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