Food Allergy Awareness Week: May 12-18

Food allergy refers to an overreaction of the body’s immune system to a food protein which can be serious or even fatal.  These reactions are called IgE-mediated or Immediate Type Hypersensitivity and are different from food intolerances or other interactions between foods and the immune system.  The term we give for the set of symptoms

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World No Tobacco Day

This month we celebrate World No Tobacco Day, which provides a great opportunity to raise awareness about the harmful effects tobacco exposure has on our children.  Tobacco exposure comes in many forms-the most direct and most harmful of which, is smoking in teenagers and young adults.  In addition to the well-documented risks of smoking including

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Vaccines: Regaining the Public Trust

When my sons turned 15 months old I recall becoming rather emotional when I held them while a nurse administered their three vaccines each.  In hindsight, my teary eyes were the result of a mix of the boys’ recognition that vaccines are painful and the fear that many parents have nowadays: could I be harming

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Springtime Maladies

Does my child have a cold or is it seasonal allergies? Sometimes it can actually be difficult to tell, but there are a few things that might help you to tell the difference.  First, most children under the age of two years old, do not develop significant environmental allergies.  Also, in that age group, we

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Baby Sleep Day

March 1 is Baby Sleep Day- unfortunately this does not mean that your infant will magically be a better sleeper on this day, rather it’s a day to bring attention and recognition to the important of infant sleep.  Infant sleep patterns are often a topic of great concern for new parents, and something that we

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What’s the deal with growth spurts? The biggest growth spurts for children occur in the first year and then again around puberty.   The first year of life is an incredible time of growth in all areas – height, weight and head circumference.  Significant growth spurts usually happen around 7-10 days of life and again between

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