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The Gift of Food Security

Of course you have heard us talk about how healthy food is so important for your child’s growth and development.  However, many people are unaware of the lifelong mental and physical health problems that can result from not being able to count on meals on the table.  As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver the best complete care for your family, we are working with the American Academy of Pediatrics on a project that improves our screening for food insecurity and other childhood stressors.  When we identify a stress for families, we are ready with local resources that can help.  In honor of local partners who help address the big challenge of food insecurity that more and more families are facing in the pandemic, we are collecting non-perishable food donations at all 4 of our offices now until December 18th.  In addition to delivering donations to the Blueridge Area Food Bank and the Louisa Community Cupboard, we are utilizing our lonely well entrance waiting room at the downtown office as a food pantry for patients to pick up supplies when they pass through after a well check.  We are hopeful that the outpouring of books that we collected this summer will be matched in food donations during this season of giving as we continue to support each other through these challenging times!

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