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Bivalent Boosters

Most of our youngest patients ages 6 months to 5 years are now able to get an updated bivalent COVID booster.  At this time, the Moderna bivalent vaccine has been approved for patients who have completed their 2-dose initial series two months prior with Moderna.  These boosters are being delivered to our office soon and will be available during any daytime office appointment or during a scheduled nurse visit.  Additionally we have partnered with the health department to offer clinics in the evenings December 20 and December 27 from 4-6 pm at our downtown office. During these two evening clinics, we’ll have all COVID vaccines including Pfizer bivalent vaccines available for children in this age group who are still finishing up their 3rd primary series dose with Pfizer. The Pfizer bivalent vaccine has not yet been recommended as a booster for these younger children who already completed the 3-dose initial vaccine series with Pfizer.  Trials are still ongoing in this patient population, and this recommendation is likely to be updated.  Talk to your provider if you have questions about bivalent boosters or other vaccines.

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