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Pediatric Research of Charlottesville

Clinical trials are carefully designed studies involving patient volunteers who may receive investigational treatments, vaccines, or nutritional supplements under close physician supervision.  Since, 2007, Pediatric Research of Charlottesville in conjunction with Pediatric Associates of Charlottesville has been committed to pediatric clinical research.  Our partnership keeps the safest and most advanced treatments accessible to the Charlottesville community.  Dr. Paul P. Wisman, Jr. is the principal investigator who works closely with four Clinical Research Coordinators. We feel that children have unique health care needs, and that pediatric clinical research provides new knowledge to the scientific community about how to better meet the future health care needs of children.

Currently we are enrolling for the following pediatric indications:

Migraine Treatment study for teens, ages 12 -17 years
Contact Eric Eagle, CRC at
Lyme vaccine study for children, ages 5-17  years
Contact Grace Royster, CRC at
Eczema  topical cream (Moderate) study for children, ages 2 -5 years
Contact  Poody Wisman, RN, CCRC at
RSV Oral Treatment  for ages 12 months to 36 months
Contact Eric Eagle, CRC  at
Formula Study for newborns 0-14 days                               
Contact Poody Wisman, RN, CCRC at
Chickenpox vaccine study for infants, ages 12 months
Contact Sean Le, CRC at


Fun fact if you are still reading: Dr. Knight participated in HIB vaccine studies as a child!

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