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So Many Viruses

Just like in that first year in daycare, our children’s bodies are having to relearn how to fight off so many viruses this year.  It has been a relentless fall for so many of our patients young and old.  I have had to remind myself of this guidance when my own daughter seems to have a new bug every 10-14 days over the past several months.  This is the time of year to keep saline nasal rinse on hand.  I recommend the aerosol can (most easily performed during bath time).  For older children, an extra pillow to prop up can do wonders to help with overnight coughs along with a teaspoon of honey.  Generally viral coughs can last 2 weeks and just when it clears, it feels like another sore throat heralds the next bug emerging.  Signs to worry about are a fever that returns after being gone for over 24 hours or trouble breathing.  It can feel hard to not panic about viral illnesses after not having to navigate them for so long, but just like the second and third year of daycare, the furious pace of illness will slow down, so hang in there!

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