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Updated COVID Boosters!

Sometime this week, we will receive our first shipment of Pfizer bivalent COVID boosters at Pediatric Associates.  This vaccine is recommended to aid in protection against the omicron variant for individuals ages 12 and up who have completed their primary COVID vaccine series at a minimum of 2 months prior. We plan to offer the Pfizer bivalent booster during our Friday morning drive-up clinic at the downtown office, and ask that you send a portal message if you would like to schedule an appointment.  At this time, we do not plan on hosting a larger scale clinic as we need to focus on upcoming flu clinics in addition to the daily morning clinics to vaccinate other age-groups.  The health department continues to offer convenient appointments in all groups and lists September 6th as a date when appointments for the updated booster will be available.  There is anticipation that the bivalent booster may eventually be authorized for children in the 5-11 age group, but there is no timeline for the update and the original booster can still be given if your 5-11 year old was vaccinated 5 months ago or longer.  Because there is a lower risk of reinfection soon after recovery, it is reasonable for individuals to wait 3 months after an acute infection before getting a booster except for those at high risk for severe infection.  Talk to your provider if you have questions about timing a vaccine

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