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Winter snow and ice means sledding, and sledding means injuries including cuts and lacerations. Of course as many parents know kids can get injured in any weather, but how do you know when your kid may need stitches? Hopefully this post will give you enough information to help you when you’re at home with a bleeding child.  The most important things to do at home are to stop the bleeding with firm, direct pressure if needed and then to clean the wound with warm soap and water.  Then you can call your doctor’s office for advice.  If the edges of the skin don’t touch easily or the cut goes all the way through the skin into the fat layer, then it is likely that some type of closure may be needed.  There are two reasons for medical closure- reducing scar formation and decreasing the risk of infection.  Skin glue offers a nice alternative for closure in kids when the cut is appropriate.  If you are having trouble getting the cut to stop bleeding, it will likely need attention and you should contact your doctor immediately.  We offer stitches, skin glue, and staples at each of our four offices and our Downtown Office is open until 9 pm for those times that your kid falls during non-business hours.

Paige Perriello, MD FAAP


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