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Registering for the COVID-19 vaccine

We encourage all of our patients who will be 16 years old and older by this summer along with their family members to get registered for the COVID vaccine.  This is especially important if you have risk factors or are a front-line worker including teens who plan to work at a camp or something like a restaurant this summer.  Additionally family members who care for children with severe underlying conditions are being prioritized.  Even if you aren’t in the groups being vaccinated at this time, please get registered so that you will have the opportunity to schedule a vaccine when the time comes for you.  The registration system has recently been improved to allow changes so that if you move or have a new phone number, you can update your registration.

Use the website below to get registered today!

Additionally, there are dedicated vaccination clinics being held in our community to prioritize Black, Lantinx, and Native American residents who are disproportionately affected by COVID-19.  To be considered, in addition to using the general registration list above please also copy and paste the address below to use the google doc sign up:

We are a great resource to answer your questions about the vaccines, and are happy to talk to you about the science and even our own experiences getting immunized!

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