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Navigating the Formula Shortage

As the ongoing formula shortage affects more and more of our patients, many of you have reached out with questions.  First, please know that if your family is experiencing strain related to the formula shortage your provider needs to know.  We have seen many families dilute formula to try to stretch their limited supplies.  Especially in the first 4 months of life when your baby’s kidneys are still developing this is extremely dangerous, and why only breast milk or properly mixed formula are safe to feed at this age.  Additionally, some families have tried using dilute milk, other milk products or online DIY formula recipes.  Again these are all dangerous due to strains on the kidney and vulnerable gastrointestinal systems in infants and do not give your baby the proper nutrients that they need to grow and thrive.   While it may feel scary to buy a brand of formula that is different from what your infant is used to, it is much safer to buy an available store brand formula than to dilute what you have.  If your children are older but your heart is aching for affected families, consider reaching out to your friends and neighbors to see if they need extra eyes on the shelves the next time you go to the store.  If your infant is over a year and you have unopened, non-expired formula at home, we welcome your donations to our office food pantry to help others in need!

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